Sky Rib

When I saw you

Familiar, but unfamiliar in the sense that I couldn’t remember where or if my eyes had ever set foot on your eyes before

Trampling over your aura with my eyes on the prize, your mind

Jesus, Jesus I’m not sure if you see me as a frog or a prince, but sometimes I’m both

The light, it does shine through my drapes, you were right but the dark is where I’m at

Oceanaic Evergreens

​You broke into laughter when you saw me that day because you said I was darker than the bottom of the ocean

And scarier than what inhabits it
I looked over your shoulder whilst you looking over mine

And for one second, I could have sworn I saw the devil shaking your eyes

But when I asked you, you shed a new layer and then another and another

Until you unraveled on the floor like a kick to a ball of yarn
I got a shovel and scooped you into a pale, dumped the contents into my hair and rubbed your embers on my face

Because atleast then, I knew you were vulnerable

Atleast then, I knew you couldn’t walk away
Soaking you in like a ray of light

Basking in your evergreens and your forevers
I found a new home that day

Not in you

But through you

Daddy Devil

​There are jaws that clench worse than those holding back words

These ones gnaw at you from the inside out, flowing through your own body
The devil is real, I’ve seen him

His powers are strong, I’ve felt them

The devil is real, I’ve heard him

His whispers are blood curdling, I’ve tasted them
Oh the irony of hurting those who have done you no harm

I just laugh when karma hits me

Because daddy Satan is happy

Sometimes I need to tease him into loving me

Sky Graveyards

​You shouldered something quite heavy

With thoughts fluttering around like

A fairy spreading dust

You fled into the sky
Tempting to exist only underground

But once you got a taste of the graveyard in the sky

You never set foot back down
Knocking around as the turbulence in your heart shook you

You embraced for new chapters that have never had to have been erased

There are stones that have been thrown into my head like a vicious pond, not a necessary cycle
Constant neglecting feeling of abandoned meant, maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling like I’ve been sucked into some sort of void or maybe I am said void
Sometimes I don’t get hit, but when I do, it’s like standing in the middle of a crowd, people talking fast, everything is moving like a carousel but I am slow, standing still and moving at the same time
Am i here? Or have I been disassociating for a few years but didn’t realize?
I am here right now, sitting, typing, I’m alive

Im open to tomorrow, but not closed off

Sometimes it’s as though im on constant house arrest but not in a building but in other people.

Even Glances

When soul sets steady highs

Low light controls

Im falling into flashing attire

And all I can do is sit and watch the streets whine as I make my way towards peace

Im not sure when I lost my mind, but I’m attempting to find out how to live without some sort of piece of hell inside me like a piece of gravel against scar
Tissue, wonder why I can’t be as tough as a calas, the ones on my heart worn dry

Thin, I am not, head weak, strong shoulders to support my cranium

And there we have it, sometimes im curious if other people can see through my window, cemented screens

I just want to hold something other than my past above my head

Maybe smile or three

You’re happy, I hope

You’re still sitting wanting to see me
But you have a new person now to occupy your thoughts
You’re allowed to see them, talk to them, feel good by them

Why am I jealous of such ships that I’ve drowned myself in before
Not the same, but similarly speaking
And I just can’t seem to fathom the idea
That maybe someone one day will do more than just tolerate me

Sorry, sorry that I have such a fucked up mind
Sorry, sorry I can’t always communicate other than miscommunicating
through destruction
And I must say you’re looking so good
So happy and I’m glad that someone’s helping you find that
in yourself
Please promise me though, that you won’t get hurt
That you won’t let pain in

I’ve seen you happy, this is it, keep it
I’ll be here, for when you need an ear
Even when I’m not here, I’m here

Escape me, jump in
Run, not away

Scrambling Inconvenience

Run, what are you waiting for?
He said he would always be here
Here he is knocking at my own mind’s window
But the door has been broken in, walked over
Trampled over as an inconvenience

I am just an inconvenience, but he stays because he knows that
I am not worth much
And he stays because he loves how sad I get
He’s slaying me and not with a physical weapon
but his words are crowding me, drowning me, lowering me
into a den of my past regrets
Watching me scramble for air

What have I done to become
such a fowl beast of despair?
Waiting to push them aside, waiting for this to walk on by
like a stranger telling me their secrets one second
the next, it’s as though I never heard a thing
Never listened a thing
Never peeped an eye

Please leave me alone sir, I was doing fine on my own
or was I? I don’t even remember a time when you didn’t whisper horrible nothings in my hole
Please sir, please just stop tormenting me