Day 30 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

The song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Listen by Sent By Ravens

Write a haiku about being trans

I am confined inside

Not as a girl, or a boy

Just a bit of both


Day 29 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Hello Time Bomb by Matthew Good Band

Write out something positive about yourself using the letters of your name. Ex. Your name is Bob so B-Beautiful O-Outstanding B-Boy.

I have a few preferred names thta I go by, but I’ll use the name that I’ve been going by for a while.







I had to look up some words because I had thought of more negative words than positive.

Day 28 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Cigarettes by Noah Gundersen

What is something you have to do everyday or else you feel like your whole day is off if you don’t do it?

As many people will say, Music. If I don’t listen to music for atleast an hour or two before I sleep at night, I feel thrown off. It’s something I do to release emotional tension. I don’t know why, but it’s something I’ve been doing for the majority of my life and it’s a routine for me and whenever it’s broken and or thrown off, I get agitated and angry.

Day 27 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

The Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Mean What You Say by Sent By Ravens

What goals do you have?


1. Therapy.

I am currently unemployed and have been for the past short while and I want to start finding a therapist that I will want to stick with and battle some demons that I’ve been struggling with throughout the years.

2. Job.

I have recently signed up with a company to help people with learning disabilities find and keep employment. I feel as though I can benefit from this program and I actually really want to work right now, whether it be part-time or full-time.

3. Move out.

I have never moved out of my parents house. I’ve lived in the same house my entire life and the only time I’ve lived anywhere else was on and off in past relationships, but it was more so just visiting. I want to save enough money to move out.

4. Gender.

I  have been using this time to figure out what I want to do transitioning wise. I really don’t know what I want to do anymore, but I’ve been taking Zinc and Magnesium to help boost my Testosterone levels.

Day 17 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Latch by Disclosure Featuring Sam Smith

What’s your binding choice and why?

I haven’t been binding for a while, but my main choice for chest binding is wearing a chest binder, but I haven’t worn one for a few months. I just stick to wearing extra layers of clothing.

Before I had discovered the wonderful world of chest binders, I had done the whole Ace bandaging technique. I didn’t like it.



Day 16 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

I’ve posted more posts stating that I fail miserably at this challenge, than posts without stating those words.

Song that I’m listening to while writing this post:

Philadelphia By Sent By Ravens 

What’s your rock anthem and why?

I don’t believe that I have a rock anthem. There’s way too many songs that I can listen to over and over again.

But if I were to name just one song that I’ve listened to a million times over for years, it would be 23 by Jimmy Eat World.

I remember the exact time that I first heard it. I knew that I had enjoyed songs beforehand, but this song really got to me,

My older brother and I were driving home from Church either on a Sunday night or a Thursday night and he had that song playing. I had never heard it before that moment and I never went back to a time before I didn’t listen to it.

It breaks my heart and heals it at the same time.



Day 15 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

How have you embraced your trans identity?

I don’t really do anything to embrace my ” identity ” as a trans man. 

Unless, of course, you take into account that I’ve worn my chest binder without a shirt at the beach in public before. Other than that, how does one embrace it?