Oceanaic Evergreens

​You broke into laughter when you saw me that day because you said I was darker than the bottom of the ocean

And scarier than what inhabits it
I looked over your shoulder whilst you looking over mine

And for one second, I could have sworn I saw the devil shaking your eyes

But when I asked you, you shed a new layer and then another and another

Until you unraveled on the floor like a kick to a ball of yarn
I got a shovel and scooped you into a pale, dumped the contents into my hair and rubbed your embers on my face

Because atleast then, I knew you were vulnerable

Atleast then, I knew you couldn’t walk away
Soaking you in like a ray of light

Basking in your evergreens and your forevers
I found a new home that day

Not in you

But through you

Counting Constructions

​I’m shedding in numbers

Dying in slumbers

All people remember

Is what I did last November
I’m running around bushes

Watching as every season rushes

People sit on my heart and

Stab me like a pin cushion
I’m in love with destruction

Ruining self construction

I’m becoming an inconvenience to the devil

Because I’ve fought off more than he bit off

Vein, So Vein

Wait you said, type your heart out until your fingers make up for your feelings and here I was waiting for myself to no longer feel the things she once made me feel

She noticed that I had stopped writing and she asked me if what she wanted had happened and I looked her in the eyes and leaned in towards her to punch her with the electricity that my thoughts have leaked out

Noticing what was happening, she didn’t stop me instead she felt me up with her lungs. she inhaled my skin and exhaled her poisonous air, cretaing new veins within me