Daddy Devil

‚ÄčThere are jaws that clench worse than those holding back words

These ones gnaw at you from the inside out, flowing through your own body
The devil is real, I’ve seen him

His powers are strong, I’ve felt them

The devil is real, I’ve heard him

His whispers are blood curdling, I’ve tasted them
Oh the irony of hurting those who have done you no harm

I just laugh when karma hits me

Because daddy Satan is happy

Sometimes I need to tease him into loving me

Satan’s Scalp

One minute, soaring so high
So high even the sky was jealous

Two minutes, saying things on the top of my scalp
Not bad, but annoying

Times have changed, zones
Prone to become something I can only tolerate intoxicated and under the knife

And all I had wanted minutes prior, were my wings to be clipped and my feathers to drop
A shell if you will, to leave behind

And all I felt was the loudness of my bludgeoned body parts, lightened inside the drowned space

Confided, but not claustrophobic
Tense, but not shaken

Demons calm, so intensely, immensely calm