Dear B.

You told me that you wished you could have hugged me and held me close to your chest
And it was as though I got thrown back into time and my birth dad was sending me another message through you

I love you and I haven’t been present for most of my adult years
But I swear I hold you close
Your mind is flipping channels faster than I can keep up
And then the remote flicks through my brain waves and I’m trying to keep up with you

You said you hope we don’t leave your side and leave you alone

I won’t leave you, I love you
I won’t leave you, I love you
I won’t leave you, I’m not leaving you

Love your Grandson

Crated Heart.

Getting a crate to stand on, I climbed up and I was scared I’d fall, just as I almost did for you, but for this building, I allowed myself to jump into it’s hollow insides

Eyes darting, searching for the unknown, looking for something to give me life, to spark the imagination that once dimmed

Snap, snap, snap
My camera became one with my eyes and my hands, one with the railings of it’s body

Snap, run, snap, run, snap
Foot steps chasing after the best stance, best place to rearrange my thoughts in
And collect the aftermath

Even though I could see through the wooden heart of it’s structural being, I needed to touch it, lean against it, embrace it’s historic features

Upstairs, animals had left their marks, a balcony overlooked those buried time after time
Racing inside myself, beside myself I stood admiring such beauty

Nostalgic Heavy

Nostalgic for a place
A place I’ve never touched
A place my eyes have never flashed on
A place only my soul knows

Heavy for a place
A place I’ve already touched
A place my eyes have flashed across
A place my soul is still in

Heartless for a place
A place I wish I never touched
A place my eyes shouldnt have ever flashed across
A place my soul didn’t touch, just my feelings

Summer’s Whispers

Lay down and feel the rustling of last summer’s whispers
And listen closely to the way it’s heart tramples through your own

Like a stampede walking over your love
Preparing you to be launched into the stars

Watch the night sky kiss your eyes with it’s ever so light vibration of it’s earthly glow

Slithering Mind

I was slipping through my own mind instead of falling into your’s

I realized it was too late
Because you slithered into the heart of someone else’s soul

And I’m no longer walking over banana peels
And shooting old arrows at Cupid’s heart

Batting my eyes, I sit across
The road
Cross legged no longer wait
But veing in solidarity

So clear, such freedom
Without barriers of the mind

Signed Leaf

There are fences, but some are in the distance and you won’t know they exist until you walk into them and now you’re shocked that you didn’t see the signs

Others, upfront and personal
Basically touching your skin like a soft but prominent vein on a leaf’s body

Trees only know boundaries when forced to grow roots in places that are confined to small spaces
And the wind talks to animals by rustling through their fur

If you can find a balance between noticing the fluttering sky and feeling the ground beneath your feet just as your soul starts to float, you will find a connection to all of the planets

Beautiful Temp.

There is beauty in the temporary.

Sometimes we view temporary as a bad thing. But the thing about temporary that makes it beautiful is that you never know how long it’s going to last, or how short amount of time you have and sometimes when you see things as they are, it can push you to a place where temporary is more permanent.