Exhalation Masses

Stinging from the slowly growing masses, he decided to keep trudging, thorough and deep strides

Knowingly stomping through the grounds of massacreic meanderings, he didn’t care that his hopes were becoming his own version of hell, created and formed, designed for the soul purpose of getting used to a taste of a place he would soon know

Desire for the rupture, storming approached lessons, he ran through every detail that troubled his empty sockets, charging as he plugged in the waves

Walking, realizing that everything he breathed in were just remnants of everyone else’s exhalations, carrying their burdens and making them his own so that his appeared disadvantaged

He wanted to be invisible only because that’s what he was used to, so he trudged into the place he knew well, the corners of every crevice of every memory and sliced them in pieces, threw them into his veins and slowly drowned them as he was drowning with the loudness of all his thoughts

blistering Fire

Dimming the light so I can adjust to something softer than what I’m used to

Watching the sun slowly hide behind the trees like the fire slowly burning

Nesting my head on a near by chest of bark and wondering where things started coming to a blistering end

Cold and chill, seeking thrill
And the hill
Slowly becomes steeper like the hump in my spine

Jellyfish swimming and stabbing me, jabbing me with every jolt I had ever hurt someone else with

Where am I even going?
Am I someone or even somewhere?
I love too much, but I hate just as equally

And here I am, judging the lack of backbone that a growing plant has

And here I am, breaking glass before it’s fully molded
All I was doing was borrowing other peoples fate

All I was doing was stealing other peoples strength because I needed a head start

All I knew was that I didn’t know where to begin and using someone else as motivation seemed the easy way out

Relishing Dissection

I have no right to be like this dark and wanting to dissect anything bright

I deserve to relish amongst the depths of the abyss and the firey pits of my own headspace

I want I want I want but I can’t I cant I can’t and I keep thinking that I can I can I can when I won’t I won’t I won’t

I know that there’s more to life than floating butterflies and skimming the surface between living and surviving but its getting harder to breathe when my mind is shallow with rocks and heavy in depth

penetrating Irony

Days are growing longer and thicker like the noodles hitting the hot water
Scald me with the iron of your soul and penetrate me heart with the spearful end

Light my soul with your nonexisting entity and worship my endless manhood

Step unto me as I walk on the waters of your flowing veins
Watch me as I make my mark on your skin with my sharp words

Let me bite into you, vampiring temptations
Drawing blood from thy raviness groins

Liven me up with your spiritual guidance, tell me something disgusting to get me by, tell me that I deserve to melt amongst the hellish stars

I am no longer of human descent, conceived of the grains in which you were taught to go against and birthed out with every push of the stranger’s muscle

Shoot me up, bullets created as a liquid, pour acid from your eyes unto my little boy limbs and watch me squirm

Ejected Arch

Arch my back and take whatever innocence I have left and turn it into vial screams, eject my fluids and mold me into a toy

Scream into me, pain me with your most dark desires and tell me that I’m being a horrible little play thing

Destroy me, eat me alive, dissect me like the little vermin I am and throw my most treasured things into space

Watch me explode, implode, blow up and take you with me and abandon you as I have abandoned those I was most afraid of getting close to

Stab me with your insecurities, as I’m sure you know I’d have done the same

Obsessed with fantasy

I just stood there behind a little plastic wall held by my two weak hands and all of a sudden I remembered something

Realizing what it was, I started allowing the dimmest sides of me to close in slowly, just soaking in those memories earliest memories of what I had created

A broken line between what has been inaccidentally created by my own mind frame and what my memories had stemmed from and rooted into

Only this time around, I can prevent it.. But in the moment it felt strange as though I could sense it before it became something

I don’t know what’s more depressing, knowing and knowing how to actually fix it or being oblivious to it and finding out too late

I don’t see them yet in people everywhere, hear them behind voices and feel their breath amongst my own heavy breathing

But I can slowly sense it creeping up on my like a spiders broken legs, detattched but finding their way back


Approach me then violate
my innocence, leave and isolate
yourself from me before I murder you self worth, slaughter
everything you’ve built, place you on the lighter and of the teeter totter

Make me soar higher than I am when I’m high
blunts fatter than I feel in my stomach region, sigh
Thigh so thin but feeling weak
Looking like a tweaker
Moving my head fast, growing meaker
Breaking the science beaker
Too much for the good scales
Snake skin shedding, tails