Pouncing desires

​The devil sits in my head

Yeah he finds it amusing

Dangling what I desire above me

Like a mistake toe at christmas

Like a cat, I pounce
The devil stands on my shoulder

Yeah he think it’s funny

Pulling the strings higher

Like a child trying to be taller, I stand on stilts trying to extend

Grudged Scent

​Sometimes I wonder if you are out there

Walking through the streets trying to

Wash me out of the bus seats

And the scent from your bed
I haven’t been there in years

But I can only imagine how much

You couldn’t want to get me out of your head

And my touch from your hands
Sometimes I wonder if we could ever become friends again

But we were too toxic and

I learned that toxicity needs to simmer down
I hope one day, if we ever happened to cross paths and catch similar flights

That we could simply wave hello

And know that there is no grudge

Gender Satan

​You act as though respecting me

Is like im asking you to sacrifice yourself to the devil

But since when did being myself

Equal throwing your values out the window?
You still have them, intact

But I, I am signing a contract

With no garuntee 

That I’ll even be who i am to you
And I’m wondering why I keep waiting

Why I’m sitting wasting time

But don’t worry

I still love you

And don’t worry

I won’t be a burden one day

Day Dreamer’s Delight

​I try to get a good night’s sleep

But I never feel refreshed

Unless I never fell into a dream

Walking up

Blurry eyed 

And tear ducts blocked
And maybe in another universe

My current life is a day dream

And I am never tired 

Closeted Head Space

​Never said I wasn’t a mess

Some people take a second guess

Thinking that they’ve opened the closet

To my head space

But they just became buried
They become hurried

Running through the gates of my mind

Guarded by thousands of sparks

Waiting to fly off the handle
I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find thrill

Through the bones of others chills

Up and down, I’m walking into

Forests of other people’s minds