​There are serpents that crawl and vermin’s that brawl

Walking amongst us and talking inside thus

Sometimes we need to call bustersnot realizing that we are ghosts carrying our own corpse
I try so hard to run in the dusk

But its so difficult when poison radiates from the sun

Soaking my heart in

I am just a small boy crying

For anything other than flowers in roots
The devil is my thoughts

While angels on my back

Scratching through


​Little did people know

I had hollowed out my heart before they even realized it was there
And now, just now I’m finding a way to set traps for myself

Like a trail of bread crumbs, but blood from my bruised ego

Stumbling back to where I think I first set foot
But people, people will always try to find some sort of fault

Even when there isn’t one

Creating ghosts out of memories that never existed

​Sometimes, struck by my thoughts

Like a pole in a thunderstorm

But not enough sand to make glass

My heart turns inside out
Sometimes, breaking even with the devil

As he waltzes and climbs up my leg

Like I’m about to be seduced and then murdered

But then shooken upside down and dropped on my brain
He laughes even when I’m close enough

And he cries

When I’m further 
What’s a little poison when I’m so used to being swallowed by my own throat

Stabbed by my own tongue 
I’ll never live a life where I’m not hiding

Where I’m not running from corner to alley

Counting Constructions

​I’m shedding in numbers

Dying in slumbers

All people remember

Is what I did last November
I’m running around bushes

Watching as every season rushes

People sit on my heart and

Stab me like a pin cushion
I’m in love with destruction

Ruining self construction

I’m becoming an inconvenience to the devil

Because I’ve fought off more than he bit off

​For months we were silenced

And I wanted to know things

But you closed the door

To other doors

And I opened windows to other windows
You’re back now 

You’ve changed towards others

But remained the same towards me

So now I’m hovering through your door

And dangling my feet out my window

​Out of nowhere, yeah it was coming. I saw it, but not with my eyes, but hands.
Sometimes other body parts sense things my brain cqnt encounter

Like a dog and weed

I’m so natural at destroying flowers and creating graves for my own roots
You wouldn’t know unless

You broke my skull and ripped open my thoughts one by one

Placing them on strings to hang on a pine tree
What you want isn’t what you get with me

You’ll learn to disguise red flags with purple

And withhold secrets that could demolish you

Wash me up like sand on a beach, take my hand, grain of sand against the grind
We live and we learn, but what is love if my heart isnt existent.

Fumbling Run

​Fumbling around through the dark

Running up and down flights of stairs faster than my mind races

And all of a sudden I feel it set in like a spark catching fire to wood
I try to stop it, tell myself that

It’s a small thing, but then it creeps through the forest of my body and wreaks havoc on my brain.