Sightless seams

Traveling somewhere far
Where will I go
People worry that this is completely dangerous
But only a small part of me seems to care and
All I wanna do us run away
From this insanity
Called gender
But it will only follow along with me
Wherever I seem to go
It will just keep creeping up on me
Within the dark structures of my mind
Slowly taking over control over my heart
As I’m typing to distract myself
I just won’t stop
Because it keeps me sane
We sometimes
Need to escape
In ways that don’t cause past ail harm
To us
Or the ones surrounded
And when the war comes

Destiny is calling for you
Coming for me
Yelling for them
Crying out
The battle cries
Screaming infidelities
What is wrong with you they ask you
While the bombs
Blow their hearts into smithereens
Their shells carried out in
Body bags
Dragged away from the
Crime scene

No grave yards in sight
No eyes to see anything
But feel dust
Dirt entrapping them