​Right out of the well

Fresh into the chaos

I was born to either in filth

And pretend that I’m gold
Finding the way back 

Is getting difficult

Growing older, worn dry

And shedding new skin
Where does one go when 

Their home is in their head

And bed in water

With lungs floating outside?
Wandering brain

Searching to be destroyed

Slithering Kiss

​What is stable enough when sitting still

Doesn’t seem to be the trick

To soften the blow
And who will be there to watch my skin crawl with antibiotical substances

To numb the emotional fact

That I may never be ready
But who’s to say that im supposed to be this way

But who’s to say I’m not?
I was born of Satan’s kiss

And god’s non existent hug
I walk amongst the slithering tides

And wash my loins with the words

Of thieves
I’m decaying all over

But no one steps close 

They treat me like a lily pad

Curl me up and throw me back

Sleeping Vermin

​Slithering vermin, told that

He lays with many

Sleeps with few

And loves one or two
Crawling into me like

A worm in a hole

Decaying inside my brain

And leaving saliva on my skin
When did I become so empty that I 

Had to wrap my arms around the enemy

In which i used to look like

Act similar

Just because I too was hurt
Now that the devil realized 

I wasn’t taunted by his games

Anymore, created my own

Not in thy image

But through self creation

He screamed and cried for revenge
Waking up in an unfamiliar place

But the same surroundings

Floating above, hovering over

Myself like I have been strained

And left to hang without leverage
But it’s not like I let the animal in

Because I am the softest beast who

No longer takes as many 

Bodies and blows smokes

I am an angel with small wings

Just a boy being himself

Helter skelter water

Im the king of the castle
But for so long people pushed me under the bridge
As a dirty rascal
But I was clean under there

They said fowl things
But their stench was worse
They spilt such cruelty
While I was the mop to their mess

They used my bones as a broom
And my hair as a sponge
And sucked every ounce of me out

I am alive, but they treated me as a decaying rose
Left to brittle
Helter skelter
In rotting water

Formenting Spine

I can feel it slowly creeping in                                                                                                                 like a web being weaved by a spider                                                                                                       and it hooking it’s prey from behind

I’m starting to spread new wings                                                                                                           but not those of pearly whites                                                                                                                 just darkened hairless twigs

My back bone is starting to decay                                                                                                           like a grape progressing into formentation                                                                                             with a taste so foul, I am no longer seeking to cling to this body

Codependent Sea

I can finally be myself
But who am I when
Im so used to being codependent?

People are around me
New sea of faces
But the old familiar scent
Of depression seems to be lingering
No matter where I crawl off to

I’m trying to walk towards the same destinations
Whilst the tires of my skin
Are wearing skin
And my heart is wearing thin

But not many things are unattainable

Swinging Air

Today, escapes were not needed
Like a rope in a video game, step over
into another dimension

Instead, looking up at the sky
Clouds spread and faded out
Old places, familiar
But new air surrounding
Opening shattered eyes and planting new colours

So nice, swinging higher
No weed needed
Feeling farther
so tempted to jump into the sea
But with a sturdy foundation
I still move forward

Blushing Blood

Oh how ironic it is to hate the sound of metal scraping
against pavement, but loving the taste of
Metalic blood, shiny and shimmering
Like a midnight summer’s glow
of water washing, brushing against the sun’s blush

Not sure why I stayed so long, pushing
my own body in a wooden wheeled wagon
Like a ghost carrying it’s own corpse
I was, but no longer am I
drowning in my own skin

Free, and as our bodies need us
Not all of us need them
Maybe that’s why some people
Are able to open their third eye and
be in touch with their ever so fleeting sense of soul

You took syran wrap and pressed it to my mouth
And spread it around my neck
And you said that that’s how you felt
Everytime you talked to me
And it was hard to breathe

So I picked up a lighter and I lit your heart on fire
And you took my hand
And held it to your chest
And said that I created music in you

But all of a sudden, the rhythm was off
And I fell backwards into a pool
Of your tears
And I too, started bawling

Disassociating Disappearance

I’m sitting and
All of a sudden, I just am
Am not here
Am not lucid
Am blacked out
Blanked and beyond

I’m standing and
All of a sudden I see
Things, hear
Wondering how I even crossed
The street, got to
Where I am right now

I slipped, was dumped upside down
And my soul slithered out of my body
Like a person playing music
And a snake pops out of the bottle

I’m here, but I wasn’t and for a few seconds
Or well it felt like there was no time
Nothing around when everything
Never left, but I did

Disassociating Disappearance. // B.L.