Crated Heart.

Getting a crate to stand on, I climbed up and I was scared I’d fall, just as I almost did for you, but for this building, I allowed myself to jump into it’s hollow insides

Eyes darting, searching for the unknown, looking for something to give me life, to spark the imagination that once dimmed

Snap, snap, snap
My camera became one with my eyes and my hands, one with the railings of it’s body

Snap, run, snap, run, snap
Foot steps chasing after the best stance, best place to rearrange my thoughts in
And collect the aftermath

Even though I could see through the wooden heart of it’s structural being, I needed to touch it, lean against it, embrace it’s historic features

Upstairs, animals had left their marks, a balcony overlooked those buried time after time
Racing inside myself, beside myself I stood admiring such beauty