Situated Corpses.

I finally jumped onto the Twenty One Pilots band wagon and am writing this post while listening to:

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots

“I run off before I even push them away. I try so hard to solidify myself to situations.. to my own state of being but im a ghost carrying around it’s own corpse. ”

I feel as though everything seems to be a matter of ” trying ” mostly because I over think and under think.

I think too much, but I also hardly think before I speak because my mind is constantly racing, tracing the constant circles that I ahve created cycles within.

My head keeps falling while my body stands tall and weak waiting for the exact moment that my mind will match it’s lively hood.

Crawling, sprawling out amongst the fields of my sprouting memories, dampening Nostalgia.

Longboarding makes me feel free.


We all have those go to things that help us to escape from our daily lives.

For myself, longboarding is my escape. It gives me a rush that many thing don’t provide me with. I can think about mt daily struggles while boarding, but they don’t feel as heavily burdened upon my very body as they normally do.

Peace and happiness come easier for me when I feel the wind flowing through my leg hair, seeing as the hair on my scalp isn’t long enough to move with the wind.

I can truly say that I’m happy when I can ride over the train tracks even though I slowly start to panic at the thought of my wheels catching and stopping me and causing me to go flying. But every time my board actually does catch on anything such as rocks or holes in the ground, that rush of excitement comes back within the same time frame as being worried and panicking.