Spiraling Out

Let me out, get me out, climb me out

Crawling out, sprawling out, running out                                                                                                                                       of headspace

Breakking out, winding out, falling out

Take me away from here, show me where I can be something

Cauterized Freedom

Slipping and
wondering where this
all went wrong
but not caring enough 
to cauterize it

Falling and
worried I’m heavier
And all I need  
is a little farther

Strong like the ocean, moldable like the sand.

The ocean thinks that I’m weak because I collapse as easily as sand sculptures do when it waves over them.

Little does it know, that I’m more like moldable clay because I can be pulled, but I also can stand still.

– One day, I’m falling over, the next I’m standing upright. // B.L.

Tainted Windows

It scares me how easily someone is able to see through my windows

Especially seeing as how I usually heavily curtain what’s behind them

It frightens me to no end to think that someone could keep my happiness going

When I so much as deprive myself of the positivity

Confined Spaces

I look for you in places where only certain parts of the sun have touched

I find you in spaces that even the moon hasn’t been able to light

I lose you in cities which are unknown to man and beast

I only have myself and nature and maybe that’s okay

Alone in the depths

Attention is what I seek, also something that tends to destroy me.

It’s as simple as someone stating that they miss me or care about me and I soak that in and twist it as something else. They care about me in a romantic way, they miss me in a romatnic way and in almost every case, it’s the opposite.

Why can’t I just take a friendship for how it is, not what I see it is or wish it were to be.

I can be alone, but I’m miserable alone even when I’m happy alone.