Walking alongside the demons

The song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Just What I am by Kid Cudi Featuring King Chip. You calmed me down when the demons were popping out Now they're slowly receiding, like my hairline may end up one day Confessing my sins to you as though you're a preacher But I know that I can trust you, walk with you To the shore, along the way I can open up Maybe, just maybe you'll be that person who will stick around Friend, yes, calming to say because I've had them, been there and done that Hit the friend scene and fleed it like a circus Crowds aren't my forte, but a lot of things aren't Trust is something I'll have to work on more Because I trust so easily that I don't, so trust me when I say I'm dying Inside in more ways than one, with feeling entrapped Aside from the fact that I've benched, sidelined these things I like to refer to as broken I can be there too, not just you baring the weight of intellectuality Sometimes I don't make sense, and I let my brain do the talking I say whatever's on my mind, filtered sometimes, but mostly not Like the water in the rivers, flowing without boundaries


Day 19 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I am listening to while writing this post:

Philanthropist by The Underachievers

If you’re religious how do your views effect being trans? If you’re not religious what about your family religions?

I used to believe that I was religious because at one point I was, I just started to become lost. 

I personally didn’t enjoy being told, not straight to my face by the people at church, but infront of me that being gay is wrong.

I stopped going to Church a few years ago. My parents still go and believe in God. They don’t except me being Transgender and will not support me in transitioning although I practically have been transitioning, more so emotionally.