Wreaked Havoc

​The meadows, strenuous havick wreaked in my head from sailing

Into the night’s brushes

I was kissed, so deeply that I couldn’t ask the moon to replace it with it’s smile because it warned me and I disregarded it
I’m learning, but sometimes the only thing I can appreciate is the wind rustling through my leg hair and crawling over my mistakes
If nature can learn to grow around and over it’s obstacles, so can I 

Decaying Pathogens

My eyes are glazing over with the blossoming of the sunlight                                                                                                             Clear my gaze with the extended clarity that embarks your every move

My heart is growing weaker underneath the sweaty beating rays by the sun                                                                                        Water my slowly disintegrating stringed-together breed

My soul just keeps absorbing everything in its path amongst the destructive pathogens                                                                    Make way for the decaying bumps stemming from the root of my entire existence

My lungs want to fill up with plants instead of the oxygen that they shower the world with                                                                 Tear down the barriers that are preventing my chest from becoming lightened beneath the glowing canopies