Abandonded Highway Eyes

You drove me somewhere, it felt so strange                                                    and I stepped out of the car to look around                                                       not sure why, but eyes

Staring towards me, my direction           in from a car                                           ones gleaming and startling me         stirring this energy inside of me

Backing off, away from destruction        I could feel them from behind me          so there I was, you had already left       and abandonded I was                      calling you but entering the wrong number as I walked along the highway

Day 20 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

Song that I’m listening to while writing this post:

Mammoth by The Devil Wears Prada

Do you want to be a parent, why or why not?

My mind switches, sometimes I want to be, other times I don’t.

I want to atleast be stable both financially and mentally before I considering bringing a child into this world and my home.

Even if I don’t end up being in a relationship with someone, I’d like to adopt a child and raise them by myself.

I grew up being surrounded with children and I even used to be an Early Childhood Educator. I no longer work with children, but I have younger siblings.