Clustered Crevice

I remember small things, things people will forget and I’ll bring them up and they’ll know

They’ll think I’d have forgotten that their favourite colour was not just one or really a colour itself, but a cluster

They’ll soon forget that I even knew they needed a home in which I only offered a small crevice to climb in and squeeze

But I remember, even if I don’t want to, but there’s a few songs I’ll listen to and maybe you’ll hear mine in a book store while reading a future published poem by me

Maybe you’ll have moved forward because I’m a fire pit of old sabotaged photographs that once burned bright of love and things that you didn’t know had a an expiry date to

But we’ll find a way, if not to each other, to another soul just like ours, but not too alike where its suffocating and maybe just maybe, we’ll see each other again

Lack of Limits.


They say that there’s beauty in a storm. This isn’t quite a storm, but I feel as though I can relate to some of the objects that I take pictures of.

Over the past few months, I’ve learnt to appreciate nature more, especially the sky. The way that the clouds change shape and the colours that fill the air, they change as often as the thoughts in my head.

They also say that the sky is limitless, and as much as I always knew that, sometimes I was blind to anything that lacked a limit because I had made it possible to make most things limited for so long that I just simply thought inside of a box.

When I shoot pictures, I look through the lense and see what I was seeing prior to holding the camera up to my eye, but because the lense cuts out half of the scenery sometimes, that makes me feel in control. It gives me the power to decide what other people may see once the photo is taken. Do I want to take pictures of that bird over there flying over my house? That tree is propped against the rocks near the river, do I want to take a picture of it’s shadow because it looks like it’s a person sitting on something? The decision is mine.