Dancing Flee

Shriveling strangers, stumbling
With tiny fingers, fumbling
Words around, discovering
Places they have yet to rediscover

Shaking bodies, tripping
With small feet, slipping
Into gallows, ripping
Hearts outside of the suburbs

Worship they who not hides, but opens
Their wounds, jumping
Outside of their comfort zones instead of closing

Dance among the sheep who choose not to be herded
Flee to the scabs they call humans who show what they’re made of
Watch them scramble for rehydration

Hold onto the skin in which cascaded you
Covered you when you no longer sought shelter
Allow others to wrap their loving solidarity around you to shed some light onto your palms

Alone is okay.

When you’re a kid, sometimes other children may poke fun at you because they see you sitting by the wall alone while they are playing on the playground. You just want to play by yourself or even sing songs to yourself.

When you’re a teenager, other teens calls you boring because you don’t want to drink underage or even in general and you’d rather stay inside on a friday night watching your favourite movie, rather than go to house parties or clubs with your friends. Being around people either brings you anxiety or you just prefer to spend time alone with your own thoughts.

When you’re an adult, many other adults will notice that you can barely keep a job long enough to even say that you’ve had a job or you don’t have a partner so you won’t most likely won’t find one in a long time. Maybe it’s just hard for you to be around people or even animals for some, maybe depression makes its’ way into your head and drags you down and makes it harder for you to make it out of the house for even as something simple as a coffee.

Regardless, it’s okay to have mental illnesses. They don’t define you. It’s also okay to prefer to be alone. Sometimes for some people, being alone is more beneficial for them than conversing with someone else.