Planted Thoughts

They ask me why I liked abandoned places
And id always muster up some sort of reasoning

The truth is, I like to set foot in buildings that many people
Have left behind because
I have abandoned myself more than I’ve stayed in one place

And it feels so familiar, so eery
Like I do at times
And instead of letting my thoughts decay me, I throw them inside the windows and watch nature reclaim them

Delighted Stains

‚ÄčI walked in, scraping sheets of fear with every step

Orbs of light, little bugs delight
I turn the corner and find blood stained photos with faces of shock and independence 
But where did they go? Running maybe, died probably, scared most likely of

The lives they once lead

Didn’t go ahead
Moving around in the night

Trying to shed any insecurity


Dignity right

Wandering into holes of black 

Moulding, there’s beauty in the decay

And I’ve run into more abandoned people than i have non vacant houses