Day 06 – 30 Days Transgender Challenge

Who was the first person you told about being Trans?

To be honest, I don’t remember the first person that I entirely came out to.

I do remember though, that I had spoken with my mom and some people online about the fact that I was questioning my self identity.

I came out gradually, but to sum this short post up for today, I believe my mother was the first person I told or one of the first people.


Day 05 – 30 Days Transgender Challenge

Are you active in the Trans community or LGBT community?

I don’t like the word ” Active ‘ in this sense. It makes me feel like active means that you are always doing something in the community.

In a personal sense, I have attempted to educate friends and family regarding being Transgender, helping to answer questions and just explaining where I’m at in my transition and where I want to be and what steps I can take to reach them.

Online; I am apart of a Transgender collab channel by making videos and stating my opinion on various topics.

I hope to help spread more awareness and information within the community.

Longboarding makes me feel free.


We all have those go to things that help us to escape from our daily lives.

For myself, longboarding is my escape. It gives me a rush that many thing don’t provide me with. I can think about mt daily struggles while boarding, but they don’t feel as heavily burdened upon my very body as they normally do.

Peace and happiness come easier for me when I feel the wind flowing through my leg hair, seeing as the hair on my scalp isn’t long enough to move with the wind.

I can truly say that I’m happy when I can ride over the train tracks even though I slowly start to panic at the thought of my wheels catching and stopping me and causing me to go flying. But every time my board actually does catch on anything such as rocks or holes in the ground, that rush of excitement comes back within the same time frame as being worried and panicking.

Day 04 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

How did your family take it when you came out? / If you are not out, why aren’t you?

I gradually came out, so it wasn’t as though I walked up to my parents and was like ” Mom, dad, I’m not female. You may think so, but I’m not. “. Infact, it was more so over the course of a few years prior to coming out. ” Mom, I think I want to take testosterone. ” I think I had said that at some point.

My parents don’t accept the fact that I believe that I’m not female. I understand, and I’d like to think that if I had children and I wasn’t Transgender, that I would support them either way.

I’m not out to some of my family members though. I told my older brother via text message one time and he took it better than I thought he would, but my younger brother constantly puts me down and tells me that I’m going to hell and pushes his religion on me.

I was adopted, so I have other brothers and sisters whom I had not grown up with and one of my younger sisters respects my pronouns as best as she can and my name. Sometimes there’s slip ups, especially because we’ve only known eachother for a year and a bit. But she’s come a long way.

As for my birth mother, she doesn’t really say much to me. We’re more aquaintances than anything else. I don’t consider her family really, only by blood, so I don’t really take her opinion to heart.

My cousins refuse to use my preferred pronouns and preferred name just as the family I grew up with. I still love them and I understand, it’s just not that easy.



I am me and that’s all I should be.

I did or said something that offended you and you tell me that I am not your brother but your sister and I’ll always be female, yet when we are getting along in general, you refer to me as your older brother with little or no hesitation?

I love you, you’re my little sister and I’ve only known you for over a year now. I never knew that I’d meet you and become so close to you. You’re one of my biggest supporters and allies and for that, I am greatly appreciative of.

I understand that I offend you at time, and do things to hurt you, but telling someone who doesn’t identify as the gender they were assigned with at birth that they will never be the gender that they not only identify as but actually are, is a really offensive punch to throw.

I’m not the gender I was assigned with, regardless, what does my gender identification have to do with fights that weren’t even revolved around gender or sexuality, or anything of the sort?


Transitioning and pronouns.

I’m all over the place with identifying as one thing, then another thing. It not only confuses others, but myself.

One minute I identify as androgynous, the next transgender the next a queer transguy. I’ve gotten rude comments thrown at me either on Tumblr anonymously or even people who used to be my friends.

It’s not that I’m throwing different tags on my posts on various social networks just because I can, I’m not even ” throwing ” them, I’m using them because my gender and sexuality changes almost on a daily and it gets annoying when people just assume that I’m using said labels just because I can and to ” put a bad name behind gender ” as I’ve been told.

If anything, all in all, regardless if I further my transition by taking testosterone or not, first and foremost, I want to legally change my name and gender and get top surgery.

I am my own person and people’s words do not define me. I’m not apologizing for being on and off, back and forth with my identity. I don’t do that to piss anyone off.


Day 03 – 30 Day Transgender Challenge

I had forgotten to post for the second day of this challenge, hence why the this post for the third day will appear to be posted on the same day, because I’m making it now.

Have you ever been outed?

Yes I have, but mostly by friends and family. I prefer to explain to people as to why I identify as a gender different than my assigned gender at birth.

If anything, I usually just tell people before people even have the chance to stutter my name.