Saving Devil

​I just want to my feelings to be felt by a wandering hand

Trying to connect to mine

I just want to stop waiting for you to come around
When you’re gone

I just want to cry until my body shakes

To be let go

I just want my hands to stop clenching from the thought that I’m not enough

But I will be enough for me
And I will cross paths with sanity once again

But for today, I feel sorry for those who have never tasted sickness like I have

I am emotionally crippled by my own faults
And stunted by the sting of your old words
You got me, you almost had me 

But you ran off

And I’m still wondering, wanting, why? Why did you do that? Why did you run into the arms of the devil

When I could have been your saving grace?

We’ll never know


2 comments on “Saving Devil

  1. Sad yet beautifully written. ❤

  2. Braeytraey says:

    Thank you!

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