​I have been bitten by

The slow embers of the fires

My head has started
I am slowly drowning in ash

As I make my way around the corner

And across the bridges I thought I had burnt down

​Tainted eyes and sorrow head

I’m breaking old time records of 3 months

Just alone now
Ive seen more abandoned people than houses, yet I want someone to walk into me and get a similar thrill they get when walking into decaying buildings
Shattered windowless soul, I am without happiness, but with I am hard

Rubbing Train

​Rocking back and forth like an old train freight, team work doesn’t exist with a physical body when you already have your own split companion
I swear that I am so dark but with a sweet twist, bittersweet aftertaste

Going down like grave diggers falling
I’m cold before the winter season creeps in, so stealth and hidden amongst the charred embers
I’ve traveled to more places emotionally, than ive stepped foot in another realm
And you wouldnt know, couldn’t possibly know that I’ve changed

I’ve created a soft balance between distancing and

Sometimes they appear the same on me, like the same dark shirts I throw on

Waking up and rubbing my eyes with yesterday’s harmful hits

Branched Vessel

​My heart is becoming just a vessel for time, a memory flesh full of when’s and here’s
Mornings, early to rise, late to think

For myself while walking to meet those

Who don’t know anything deep inside of my head and on the surface, chipped like ice chips, nicked by skates

In the winter, crisp air flooding my branches, but my leaves won’t fall, clinging on to me

Because for once something feels the need to be attracted to be, attached