Spewed Jag

​I was out of line, jagged and sharp

I run the sheep from the heads

Finalizing empathy 

Wandering through garden throws
And I wasn’t sure where the cloves grow

So I jumped over hurdles while throwing them behind

Jumping and caving under my own knees

Wiping smiles from faces

Walking around, wasted traces
I swear I have a heart

Burning under amber

Coloured Brown

Silver plated high
I use my finest silverware

Boned a glare

Cups, snare

I dont make sense sometimes

But in here

Why are you? Wouldnt you rather be there

With someone else, running circles

Instead of mazes?
Haze, hazy mind

Wardrobe eyes

Fade, faded mind

Clear mud
I want such interaction to be topped

Not with a cherry, but I need to be stopped

Tamed like a beast

Collared and dragged in the heat
Im sorry if I said harsh spews

And lacked such nice

Walls have pushed me

Farther back

I’m not as hard

As one might think


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