Devil’s Spree

​I thought you were gone

But every once in a while

Im scratching at you like

An addict with a patch of bugs

Crawling around with no 

Exit but the mouth
If im lucky, ill stop and I’ll realize

That I was just picking

At old words you embedded into my head

With filthy meaning and blood shot heart ache
You don’t hurt me anymore

As have I stopped looking for you

In shadows that turned out to be just

The devil’s kisses

I do wonder where you are

And if you’ve stopped

Killing parts of people to keep yourself alive
But I have myself to thank for

Putting up with what I’ve done

Because I got back up

With a little help from the ground

It gave me some good leverage
I bargained with the sky to give me a sign

Traded my eyes for the stars

So it could align for me


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