Sleeping Vermin

​Slithering vermin, told that

He lays with many

Sleeps with few

And loves one or two
Crawling into me like

A worm in a hole

Decaying inside my brain

And leaving saliva on my skin
When did I become so empty that I 

Had to wrap my arms around the enemy

In which i used to look like

Act similar

Just because I too was hurt
Now that the devil realized 

I wasn’t taunted by his games

Anymore, created my own

Not in thy image

But through self creation

He screamed and cried for revenge
Waking up in an unfamiliar place

But the same surroundings

Floating above, hovering over

Myself like I have been strained

And left to hang without leverage
But it’s not like I let the animal in

Because I am the softest beast who

No longer takes as many 

Bodies and blows smokes

I am an angel with small wings

Just a boy being himself

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