Another moment of clarity
It’s here and I want to tell you
That I’ve been having more ups than downs

Ive been wanting to share things with you, but out of worry that I may be annoying you with how positive I am, I have left you alone
But please, if you have any doubt, know I love you

We may never be anything more than friends again
Most likely not, probably not
Rare that we will
But I love you so much that it hurts because
Its been a while that I’ve actually loved someone this much to do almost anything for someone

You’ve taught me to be myself
And so here I am, being myself and hoping that one day you will experience this or something similar
One day you will be everything you’ve been needing and wanting to be without as many setbacks, as many obstacles.

I care about you more than you probably know
More than a ruler can measure
A sand bucket can hold
And a sand castle can withstand

Loving Clarity. // B.T

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