Chest Tree

My parents call me Sally meanwhile
The ocean, they call me Joe and
Even though I haven’t spent much time
Dabbling in him, it’s easier
Settling as her
But not better

My family, they tell me
Things that are in difficult mode
But im soft for them

Even though I’m scared of the depths of the water, I need to drown in him
And let go of her
Even if it means steps drop below
As I climb higher up the stalk

I’m crying out to crawl into a new skin
While other’s look and do what’s best for them
Call me this
Shriek that

I’m Joe and I walked up a hill and there she was                                                                                     pleaing with the sunrise to please allow her                                                                                           curtains remain open but before she knew                                                                                               the moon wiped through Joe and shook the ground                                                                 beneath  Sal

I peeked my face from behind the rose bush                                                                                         and smeared her tears into a smile and said                                                                                           ” Darling girl, like the tree says to the branches,                                                                                   I will always need a part of you, never forget you. ”

My chest opened up and my back arched                                                                                             and my soul jumped, danced with flowers in it’s ears                                                                         then stood my spine aligned, grinned and kissed                                                                              Joe, ripped his eyelashes off and sewed himself into my heart


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