Such a shame I boiled the water too soon before the pot even was on the stove

Such a shame I masked my intentions and walked the flames with shoes instead of bars
I was scared and you were weak but when I became weaker you became stronger

I wanted to tell you that I never liked you and maybe I didn’t as strongly as you, but I miss you when you’re gone. I miss you not only when I’m lonely with other people, mostly, but I miss you. I miss you

It’s as simple as that. Missing you. But you’re finally closer and I can’t see you
You’re finally closer to me and we’re not talking
We’re finally closer to each other, and we aren’t anything.

Maybe I’m okay with talking when you’re drunk.
Maybe that’s when things work and I don’t care if people judged us if we were like that.
I’d be your baby boy
I’d submit

I wish I hadn’t made it complicated.

He doesn’t have me as much as he did, but I love him and I miss your presence. I miss how you made me feel.

I wish we could have sex, could talk, could fuck, could watch things together and we don’t have to have a label.

But the end has come and you said we weren’t anything
The end has come and you said that you were over me a while ago

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