Sore Patch

Now I write from such a sore place and this isn’t the usual poem about what we weren’t

I seek stability but I wallow with the tides, jealous of the creatures they shelter and how strong

I watch the sands fall through like sinking sand, children smiling because of the sand structures their parents made, seagulls creeping for left overs

I know not what one body is, it’s like I have two brains. One up, one circle.
Seeping through my skull while cycling around the same cloud waiting to crash

I’m sorry I hurt you because I didn’t heal properly
In school they taught us of woes and trials of insanity but they never taught us how to reintegrate back into the hell we got out of

That’s not your problem that one second, I’m a sweet suckle and the next, without transition, I’m the cork to the devil’s brew shaking wildly, shotgunning

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