Drastic settlement

I stopped trying to tell you that you were just a prologue and nothing more
And you thought you were getting somewhere with me

If I remember correctly, you said you were fine just being a simple line on a piece of paper, but instead I was inspired to make you into to another poem

I became the director and you, just another behind the scenes fill in
Forgetting how to open the curtains properly

I need a chapter, not just a little piece of lyric
A song, not just a beat
A story, not just a rhyme

I thought you’d be more
And I tried to change my ways that others wanted me to be
And I actually made so much effort with you

But like a sprouting root, you didn’t time lapse me to see any changes when I did drastically show you the many ways

So, here I am, spilling a conclusion to all of this
And I am not placing blames on you
You need something more than I am willing to give you

Like a pet owner, you told me you loved me but you let me roam free
I wanted a leash,but not with you

You took those words back, you said them too soon and it scared me
But I didn’t tell you that

I didn’t fall, I didn’t trip nor stumble
So stop your mumbling and save your breath for someone else

Like your’s my lover lives miles away but they don’t feel the same way, but I want to give them the world
Maybe if I met you before then, it would have been different
‘Cause darling, when I was your age, I fell for people harder
And now my walls are cemented like a sword in a stone

And I need time to move
While you need more than quick sand

I did care but you said ” parts ” wasn’t enough
But I can’t sort anything out unless I justify it

So long, farewell
Think of me as a soft flower dried and stamped into another story book, popped up and now shriveled

Take care honeybee lovebug


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