Frog’s Spit

Hours on end, looking for an ear to listen to the words I had never let escape from my mouth
so I allowed my fingers to do the talking as my body
was slowly falling asleep
numb and broken, but healing from
those pretending to be exactly what I needed to get by

Now I no longer seek strangers to fill a void
just to be there when I need a joke or three
and let me climb their branches like a tree
to stand tall when I am falling

I just draw to the sky, lines in the grass
and soil to bury my brain in
like a zombie chewing on flesh
I swallow my own heart

Frail and content, I have fallen inlove with destruction
dark and blissful, I am no longer
afraid of those people told me to be scarse of
I became them

I am a shield around a lake
and a bubble from a frog’s mouth


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