Abandoned Tongues

With flowers flowing through my hair

I was blooming as I was running
so soft and sensual

I climbed up what seemed to be miles ahead
a brick wall through shards of broken glass
carefully and slowly, pulling
myself into the cavern

Panic stricken, who’s in there? I wondered
and wandered up the stairs, looking for another close heart
beating faster than mine

Al I seemed to have found was a fireplace
and a couple of spray paint cans
empty with angst
and jealous that the walls are full of more
creativity than the eyes could ever meet

Rose thorns stuck our as I rushed past the bushes
and I couldn’t be happier than the flash of insaity
and excitement that pulsed through my veins
as I heard the cops roll up

Sirens blasting from afar, so close though
and I’ll never forget the decaying of the floorboards
as I crept underneath to snap pictures of the art
left behind by other explorers


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