The sweet soft serentiy of talking to
You had fallen out of, with, their arms
Could be so soft but all you know
Is how it feels to not know

And I’m sitting here, remembering their voice
But it’s different when you hear it again
Instead of what’s in your head

I am the same boy, and those three words slipped from my mouth
Last night when I randomly woke up
And looked for you in the dead of night
My phone didn’t flash
And I realized I turned it off

I was just as surprised as I think you’d have been if you heard them
I am still here and
I was hoping I’d see you again
Feel what it’s like to have your presence back

We don’t have so much in common, but
Enough to get us by
And sometimes I think lightly of you
And I fight the impulse that has become just a settle little vibration through my bones to my ear canals


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