Adrenaline Quench

It was as though someone had shot andrenline directly into my mind
And I was then tattooed with an unforgivable quench

So thirsty for something peaceful, but with chaos I live
Running into the night like a wild boar
Watching closely for the cars passing

Passerby look and all I could do was appear strong, but I too am weak
I can’t breathe without insanity riding on my shoulders

Where has the time gone? I’m fleeing when fighting is at best but I’m nowhere to be found
Checked out, doors closing

Attempting to toggle between aware and completely disappearing into the void is one of the hardest things to do when all I can do is place all these burdens upon my own two feet

What will happen when they both give out? My ankles will collapse and my heart will crack and when someone tries to repair it, it will be like fixing a vase, only with each piece that falls, my brain falls with it.

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