I don’t always miss you and i wish things were different. maybe i should have just stuck with how i felt with when you threatened me the first time. i know you came back, but i should have been stronger and let you stay away.

then i came back after you left and i shouldnt have been so weak. i actually came back with gold intentions but yous aw them as stitched flaws and now we arent talking. you told me to never contact you again and i know that i dont need you. i dont always miss you, i dont always need you, i dont always want you, but the times i do, it’s genuine and not just because i cant have you or anyone else.

you said he didnt want me because of how shitty iw as and i know i blamed you for things, i think i listened to my friends because usually i need an outer opinion besides myself and i listened right away. some things you did do, most things i did but i played it off as you doing everything.

i no longer wish ill on you, you were a good person. you are a good person.

yu wont read this and if you do, you wont care, and maybe i dont care if you dont care, you already made it clear that you dont. i care enough to keep writing about you. second time tonight

i hope one day we can be civil. i hope one day we can look back and laugh or just forget it and move forward with eachother somehow.

im not asking to be your lover, your boyfriend, your soulmate, your husband. i’m just wanting to know you in rral life.

you’re gone now and i have to move on, assuming you have.

youre gone and i have to stop caring, assuming you have.


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