I can feel the concrete beneath my feet, pulsing cold up and down my spine with every step I take

It’s distracting me from not knowing
Being a distraction from what was
Could have been
What never will be

Like the sky waits for the sun to rise and fall
I will watch your chest do the same
As you leave me be

I’m just waiting
Waiting around
Are you staying?
Maybe I’m not safe anymore
Maybe you’re done now
Maybe we’re over now

I’m trying to not give into talking to you
I don’t blame you for walking far
I walked before you could
I care about you

If you come back, I’ll make it worth your while
And if you leave, please stay gone because I’ll need to move forward

Already am, but with a shred of hope the string still holds
With a bouquet of petals, my heart stays bundled

Until then my sweetheart, hurry, because your Prince is slipping away.

I wish you well either way



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