It’s amazing how you can wake up feeling really shitty.

You have a weird dream about being abandoned in a random church or someone you once knew came back.

Then in real life, you cry it out, you lash out, or even just skate it out.

Im outside right now and I’m taking a short break from longboarding.

I took my headphones out, took a sip of my favourite beverage and all of a sudden, I heard it.

I heard the silence that is the aftermath of the chaos in my head.

I heard the faint quiet moment of the birds completely stopping their noises and the children playing, and just sat and soaked it in.

I looked around me, I see trees, I see parents out for walks with their children, dogs, an empty baseball field and although I wish to escape from this place, it’s nice to be able to find some peace and serenity from living here.

Sometimes it’s the short moments that make a difference.

In this moment, it’s just me, my fingers typing, my longboard and the sweet feeling of sanity.

My situation hasn’t changed, but a little change of scenery can make a difference.


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