Birth Father J.

I just experienced a strange sensation.

I was watching a TV show about this woman who was trying to find more information about her birth father and although my life story wasn’t the same as her’s, I started thinking about my birth father.

I don’t know much about him and I’ve never seen a picture of him, but as I was watching the show, I started thinking about my birth father and all of a sudden I felt a cold sensation on my legs and I asked my mom if she opened the front door. ( it’s winter and freezing out ) and she said she didn’t and I realized that this wasn’t the first time I’ve felt a presence while thinking of my birth father, not that I remember anyways.

I kept watching the show, trying to distract myself from the cold and my legs didn’t stop feeling cold. They felt like someone or something was lightly sitting on them and was really cold.

I’m curious about if you can feel a presence of someone you’ve never met atleast not since you were only a few months old. And I’m pretty sure that person wouldn’t know where I live. Is that possible?


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