Empty like the chair that Sat in the corner, I’m collecting dust like your shelf with books once uses but torn pages and musty cotton smells. I cared and then I was too worn thing that my cover displayed more than my insides. I tried to push through the plastic and show you that there was still life amongst my page. Once a page Turner, now a ripped fantasy. I’m neutral. I cared for one second, ran for two and jumped for three. I lied and like a cat and mouse, you were the prey. I tried to stop it. Maybe you were the learning I needed

Educated but broken, I kept going and although I saw I was poison I tried to infect you so you’d know how I got torn apart by machines that I didn’t know existed. You deserve amazing things, I couldn’t stop being horrible. I didn’t care as much as I wanted to. Run to the rivers and you’ll see me when you pass by because I am like them, rushing and even still, I roam. I hope you find a way to place your love unto what you need


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