False Shakes

Preparing for the worst is like looking back and expecting things to change that already happened

But I’m sitting here, waiting until we disintegrate completely, and maybe it hurts, maybe this hurts more than it does knowing you’re here, because what could have been is now what won’t

I know I seek for something already sought out, but it’s been received and I couldn’t. You arrived at a strange time for me.

Sad songs on repeat to make me more numb and maybe I’m not even numb, I can’t even feel the nothingness of what it is to not feel

Slightly shaky by the temptation to walk away, you said you’re done, I was done before you but I couldn’t let my head breathe. It runs so wild and I tried to tame it, I wanted to tame it for you.

I wished you well when I really didn’t and I said things that were untrue. But I’m here whispering my demons down back into the core of my being so I can snap into this soul

I wish I could stop toying around like a cat with a strong, I have very little to run on, falling off the tracks and crashing into a deep hole that wasn’t even dug

You will find something, someone who will give you what you need


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