Voiding the Avoidance

Please forget me, I keep my distance even when it was me who did you wrong
I may be an adult, but sometimes I still have no idea which way is right

I’m dwindling, swirling down a slope that has no bottom
and I just go for the ride even if there’s pot holes
because in my mind, what’s a smooth transition going to prepare you for? Nothing but missing obstacles and hidden promises

So I’m going, walking and running both at the same time, but not timing anything but my own pulse and the minutes till sunset

I love the simple things, but I usually end up making them complicated
Worrying about the moon’s next move to turn my days into nothing but midnights

I live for destruction, but I seek construction, motivation and love.
I’m sorry I can’t love you the way you need, until it’s too late.
I’m here.

I need to find a way to kill the void and not just fill it.
Just let it disintegrate. Far down, I’m going far down the same road.


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