Song I listened to while typing this:

Caught By The Light – The Boxer Rebellion

My soul is not complicated, I am                                                                                                      trying to sort through years of                                                                                                         regret filled nights and stinging eyes

I’m hurting more than just on bad days                                                                                            and numb mornings, clarity doesn’t last                                                                                         long enough, but I’m trying

I’m hard on myself because someone                                                                                                      has to be or else I’m lost amongst thousands                                                                                    of tiny recollections of things I could have                                                                                      done differently, things undone

Unravel me more than I have, please                                                                                                      I just need to know that I am more                                                                                                    than these inconsistant consistancies

And maybe just maybe, the ocean                                                                                                     would be jealous of the moon being                                                                                                 more inlove with my bad habits than                                                                                                     it is inlove with it’s badgering waves

Maybe just maybe, the trees will cry because                                                                                     the wind chose me over them to howl through                                                                           instead of just sticking to whispering                                                                                                into the branches ears

But why should one apologize for finding peace in nature.


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