Restless Time

Why must we saunter so near, but open our eyes for the closest rear

Blind to the touch, closed at the seams
Light beams, but no shadow

There we are, up
Down they were, go
So I listen to the broken stop light in my head

Flashing colours, drowning mind
Trickling fantasies and shaky skin

Why? Why did I step here, tick, tick, tock
There’s no clock, no place to rest for the weary
Everything’s hazy

Sleep, no rem, no dreams
Awake, restlessness, tired

Tired from sleeping
Creeping in through the blinds
I feel it, see it, need it

What a tease rest is
7 hours is too little, 8 is too much
7 and a half, ah so close
But any minute past, too little and too much at the same time

So I stay awake until my phone died or my fingers hover
Lingering in my breath grows shallow
Faint like ghost, hallow

The trees hollar to the animals for a place to be
I’m here, closer to my own headed sea

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