Deafened Sorrow

You loved me therefore I was, I didn’t love me and I wasn’t

You hated me and I cried out, I hated me but I couldn’t shout out

The dark loves me, so I crept in, I disliked the feeling, but fell in love with its comfort

I saught out treasure amongst the deepest corners
Sweeping the nations with my very hardship

One minute my heart feeds my head
Two seconds later and I’ve become empty

Filling not I, swallowing them
Digging down, upwards and out as I devour skin

The night screams for me, but I can’t answer
So loud, but so deafening

Straining my eyes, am I even here?

We are pieces, we are parts they said

We aren’t our mistakes, but were damned if we don’t make any

So I do nothing which becomes something
Thinking starts talking and listening falls quiet

Voice that’s mine, stranger it is

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