The ball dropped, the wrong type fast falling                                                     free falling not so much, wandering eyes                                                     snowballing quicker than before, steady                                                                 though

Still as the frozen over layers of membrane                                                   You’ve been told that, do you see it?                                                                       Do you see how hard it is for me to pull a zipper with missing and chipped notches?

I just want you to know that I’m fighting                                                               to give people the pieces I’ve been missing                                                       selfish because it fulfills me at the same time

Soon those notches will be replaced                                                                        by your strong knuckles intact and                                                                     your breath will be light but heavy hearted

Remember when I told you that when                                                                   I’m not existant, I still shove my                                                                         heart down other people’s rib cages?

Because I’ve been in places                                                                                 where my bones felt broken and my air was the only thing keeping me warm I know where the devil sleeps during storms and when he awakens to release his saliva and leave his marks on minds Come hither closer my dear, hover towards and feel my pulse become yours.


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