So many people have asked me how I came to the realization that I’m transgender and to be honest, I don’t really know 100%.

All I know is that when I look back at my childhood, I see signs of myself being more fluid in general.

I had questioned my gender mostly when I grew older, so my late teens.

It wasn’t until one of my relationships had ended that I realized I wasn’t entirely female, or that I didn’t identify just as female. But I don’t remember how I went form identifying as a lesbian to identifying as just male and now to identifying as a fluid transman.

I hate it when people say “ah gender is black and white. Sexuality is black and white”. No. It. Isn’t. Not to me anyways.

I used to think Iw as fake for being all over the palce.. but I’m really comortable with identifying as a fluid transmguy. I prefer male pronouns and that hasn’t been different in years.

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