For the majority of my bus ride home, I’ve been contiplating telling you something that you probably already know. I’m not sure what mom has told you or hasn’t told you yet, but I wanted you to hear certain things straight from my own mouth.

Please bare with me as this is really hard for me to say outloud, hence why I’ve written these words out.

I want you to know that what I’m about to say, may come out hurtful for the both of you…. and that isn’t my aim.

I’m sure you know, but I identify as a transman. Which is a person who does not identify as a biological woman. I personally don’t believe that I was born in the wrong body as I know quite a few people believe that they themselves were. I feel it in my soul, that I am not entirely female and I’ve openly identified this way for almost two years if not longer.

This isn;t something that sprang on me over night. this has been an up and down battle for me and i wouldn’t be struggling to tell you guys this if it wasnt true.

i’m going to be starting the process of hormone therapy and so you’ll be seeing some physical changes and some emotional changes… but that doesn’t mean i wont be your child… i’ll be the child you raised, but a bit altered to fit my mind.

i don’t expect you guys to come around right now and call me male pronouns and the name people call me, but i’d like to thinkt hat you will try to eventually.

i’m preparing myself for the worst, with whatever follows this. my arms are always open for you two, always.

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