penetrating Irony

Days are growing longer and thicker like the noodles hitting the hot water
Scald me with the iron of your soul and penetrate me heart with the spearful end

Light my soul with your nonexisting entity and worship my endless manhood

Step unto me as I walk on the waters of your flowing veins
Watch me as I make my mark on your skin with my sharp words

Let me bite into you, vampiring temptations
Drawing blood from thy raviness groins

Liven me up with your spiritual guidance, tell me something disgusting to get me by, tell me that I deserve to melt amongst the hellish stars

I am no longer of human descent, conceived of the grains in which you were taught to go against and birthed out with every push of the stranger’s muscle

Shoot me up, bullets created as a liquid, pour acid from your eyes unto my little boy limbs and watch me squirm


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