blistering Fire

Dimming the light so I can adjust to something softer than what I’m used to

Watching the sun slowly hide behind the trees like the fire slowly burning

Nesting my head on a near by chest of bark and wondering where things started coming to a blistering end

Cold and chill, seeking thrill
And the hill
Slowly becomes steeper like the hump in my spine

Jellyfish swimming and stabbing me, jabbing me with every jolt I had ever hurt someone else with

Where am I even going?
Am I someone or even somewhere?
I love too much, but I hate just as equally

And here I am, judging the lack of backbone that a growing plant has

And here I am, breaking glass before it’s fully molded
All I was doing was borrowing other peoples fate

All I was doing was stealing other peoples strength because I needed a head start

All I knew was that I didn’t know where to begin and using someone else as motivation seemed the easy way out

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