Rotting Trap

Why was something so good known as something horrible? Not sure, not sure I need to know really, want to know really

I did what I was told for the most part until something happened, blocked out time
Broken time
Lost time
Dead time
Slow time

Seeing is believing for him otherwise he thinks it didn’t happen, told himself it didn’t happen, but he saw it, them

Little child, innocent and pure how could you know any better, but he didn’t, trusted them

Rats, rats, rats
Get them out of here
Rats, rats, rats
Don’t fucking bring them in here
Rats, rats, rats
You disgusting things

Or so he convinced himself of that because they reminded him of the disgusting older child, immature, but knew better

What would you do now? Break his spine with my words and slap him into his own misery with everything I have

Don’t blame him for everything that happens in your life, I don’t and I do. I don don’t I ? I do.

Fucked up, fucked up, fucked up
I shouldnt have done what i did when i grew older
I shouldn’t have. Shouldn’t have.

Tell me disgusting things to get me by, well isnt that relevant
It is, is relevant. I’m not the things ive done but they reminded me that i was

I’m changing, changed, efforts made
Well we don’t care, we don’t believe you
Predators never change, you are disgusting

I hope you rot, rot, rot
Holding onto me like a burning piece of metal, tempting to touch for the thrill, but stuck
Sticking, glued, stapled
Ripped me from the inside out and tore everything good left like a flower’s petals falling, they stripped that away

I’m here, he’s here, they’re here
Creeping, crawling skin
Inside mt skin
Under my skin
In people I don’t know
L aughters heard, smiles seen
Bodies trembling

Teach me how to be alive without the haunting of your business
Tell me I’m nothing but soot and soil and that plants can’t use me to help then grow if I’m nothing but dry and brittle


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